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DPTU “Kola” DOOEL – Skopje is a trade company that has been successfully operating since 1992. “Kola” was founded as a small family company, but as a result of its successful operation and permanent growth today, together with its daughter companies “Total Plus Logistics” and "Kola Logistics”, it employs 255 people.

“Kola” is the direct importer and distributer of a vast range of renowned global, regional and local brands, and at the same time it also develops its own brands. Our assortment encompasses great variety of food and drink products, personal and home hygiene products that we distribute easily to all retail and bulk sale facilities in Macedonia using our own fleet of vehicles.

Based on our own experience and the trust that our clients have in “Kola” we want to maintain the high quality we have been providing and to continue growing. This is behind our motto – We distribute the best to the best. It is how we work today and how we wish to continue in the future.


  • Contemporary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution, UPIS.NET;
  • Mobile application – enabling the field sales representatives to make prompt and accurate orders, with accurate view of stocks and availability of products, as well as sale facilities oversight by generating surveys;
  • Controlling;
  • BI TEMPERO – a platform that enables ERP data synchronisation and generates reports needed for making important business decisions
  • Android application for locating customers’ coordinates;
  • FEFO based Warehouse Management System;
  • ISO 22000:2005 Certificate;
  • Best Buy 2015 Award for the Baduco Brand for its best price - quality ratio.

Awua Heba
Adria SN
Super Pire
Pastificio Bolognese
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“Kola” owns a modern warehouse of 1920 square meters with 2.200 palette racks. As a response to the continued growing of the company currently we are building a new logistics centre covering an area of 8570 square meters with:

  • 8 automated loading ramps;
  • 3 automated unloading ramps;
  • Sprinkler system;
  • premises for biocide products;
  • premises for explosive substances;
  • full Wi-Fi coverage necessary for undisturbed and efficient functioning of the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The Logistics Department has a fleet of 44 freight vehicles, and the distribution is organised from the Company’s warehouse in Skopje. In Ohrid, Bitola, Strumica and Shtip we have a cross docking system in order to achieve faster and more efficient delivery of our goods to more distant locations around the country.

  • The sales section is divided into several departments. The organisational structure of each of these departments is as follows: 

    Sales Manager;
    KA, TT or Brand Manager;
    Sales Representatives for the customer base;
    Sales Representatives for the other customers;

    For the purpose of achieving the best distribution organisation, we have divided the market into 7 districts: Skopje, Polog, Bregalnica, Pelagonija, Kumanovo, Ohrid and Povardarie districts, and each district has its own sales representative from each department who is supervised by the supervisor. The orders coming to the headquarters are forwarded with a mobile application, and the distribution is carried out in accordance with the company’s route plan.

  • FOOD Momchilo Popovikj
    +389 71 342 991
    SOFT DRINKS Ilcho Vasilevski
    +389 70 372 352
    BAMBI Magdalena Todorov
    +389 70 351 310
    UNILEVER Ljupcho Nestorovski
    +389 70 363 266
    HORECA Pajo Marjanovikj
    +389 71 346 930
    HENKEL Blagoj Gjorgjiev
    +389 71 356 250


Kachanichki Pat 254
1000 Skopje


tel. +389 2 656 770 | +389 2 656 771
tel/fax +389 2 656 757